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E-commercial platforms became the most effective placement for all companies’ products, services, and they allow site owners create really effective business in internet. Internet presence of company is important issue to be considered and processed, so site owners shift their real shops creation priority to internet shops as they are much popular and can bring more benefits, than usual shops. Furthermore, internet shops become something usual for users, they understand benefits, which they can get from e-shops, like decreased prices, comfort of buying and secure purchases. However customers as any other people like thrash out shops with all features, which they can use for good purchase.

Considering the e-shops, there are some improvements, which can be easily added through the themes. Speaking of the best e-shopping platform called Magento one can use Prima theme designed for this peculiar e-commerce platform. It contains already designed pages for product selling. These templates can be modified, site owner can add necessary information in some pages, which are available for customization and start selling products.

e-commerce magento template

Magento has some peculiar qualities, which are related to page creation. One can create complex content pages with various types of information, media, etc. It brings more opportunities to the creation of complex e-shop with developed structure and functionality. Furthermore, Prima theme contains some features, which are designed for customers attraction like modern flat design that is liked by the most customers. Prima theme allows usage of social elements, which are necessary for site promotion. Furthermore, this theme is optimized for SEO-optimization. So customers can easily find site based on Magento and buy something interesting.

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Building Textures The Easy Way

I have struggled a bit with UV maps, textures and getting them all hooked together. I am not afraid to spend money on soft that will help me get to where I want to go. I own UV Mapper Pro and have a load of textures I have gotten off of Daz, Renderosity and ShareCG. They are great textures and all I needed to do was figure out how to put them all together.

Recently I was on Phil C’s forum and had the opportunity to beta test Stitch Witch. The lady on the forum, Kamilche, was looking for people to help her get her new program worked out so she could market it. I jumped on it immediately, even though I am quite inexperienced with UV maps and such. I am very glad that I did.


The program is fairly easy to learn, and once I got the full Help file, I had no problem making some decent textures for clothing I have been designing. I’m afraid I have a long way to go there, but I can guarantee you that Stitch Witch will make my work 10 times easier for me. It’s a small app – about 31 megs, so it won’t bog down your computer a whole lot. The interface is plain jane, but that is one of the beauties of this app. You can build up a really decent texture using layers, much like Photoshop, and have the ability to add shadows, emboss, sharpen, blur and a lot of other effects – way too many features to go into here.


You have the ability to copy fabric effects. You can make textures for fabric, buttons and lace. The program is spline based, and it uses points to manage the splines, much like a vertex modeler. You can mirror, paste, move and flip points, making for an easy work flow. I could go on and on…

Kamilche readily says she is not a designer – she is a programmer. I have seen some of the work on Phil C’s forum that has been made with Stitch Witch. it is impressive, indeed.


If this sounds like something that would interest you, I suggest you surf on over to the page where Sitch Witch is featured and grab it up. The price is very good – $29.00 at the time of this post. I can guarantee that you will be very impressed with this soft. A lot of hard work has gone into it, and the people testing it (outside of myself!) are people that know clothing design and texturing. This program is a real life saver. I give it 5 stars. I think that support for the app will also be quite good. Tell ‘em Charlie sent you – this isn’t an affiliate link!



Contemporary Table and Chair Set.

3D Models – Contemporary Table and Chair Set.
It has a 3d models and a Poly Smooth on it, the 3d models and but the history is intact so you can turn the divisions down to use the low poly model if you like. Models are UV”d. Comes 3d models with three texture maps, two color and 3d models and a bump (.tif format). …
3D Models – CL-604.rar.
Its an animated airplane, all parts are animated on their respective pivots. ready model for engine. its game specific. around 50k triangles. Model has , “3d models” a simple cockpit and 3d models, and door interior as well. Get full product information.

3D Art and Design